Try to capture a wide variety of images. While it is important to concentrate on classic landscape shots and portraits, also search for photographs with arresting colors and shapes, as well as the details of objects, works of art and food — the things that flavor a place and weave its visual tapestry. Imagine each picture as a jigsaw piece needed to complete an album’s puzzle. It’s useful to arrange these images in a separate folder on your phone, making one album for your favorites and another for the rest. That way you’ll be in better shape when it comes to the important task of editing.

Steven Spielberg ends his autobiographical film, “The Fabelmans,” with a meeting with the legendary director John Ford. Ford’s main piece of advice? Place the horizon toward the top or bottom of the picture because the middle is “boring.” This idea — also known as the rule of thirds — divides the frame into thirds, horizontally and vertically. The concept is to find a more dynamic angle by visualizing the scene or subject not centered, but rather a third of the way up or down (or across) the frame. On most cellphones, you can set up a three-by-three grid for the screen in the camera settings.